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The Best of FreeBSD Basics book published

Reed Media Services recently published Dru Lavigne's book, The Best of FreeBSD Basics. The book is based on Dru's popular FreeBSD Basics column. Now updated and improved, each chapter is a collection of numerous examples and practical advice that demonstrates how to achieve common Unix and FreeBSD tasks and introduces interesting and useful open source software.

The near 100 tutorials cover a wide range of introductory to advanced topics, such as capturing TCP packets, debugging IPsec, setting up One-Time Passwords, using file integrity checkers, configuring proxy servers, using Wireshark, archiving utilities, customizing FreeBSD Ports, playing DVDs, Unix fundamentals, and a lot more.

Dru is a Unix, security, and networking trainer and consultant and the president of the BSD Certification Group. In addition to writing many articles, The Best of FreeBSD Basics is her second book. She has been impressed with the feedback she has received from her readers:

"As of this writing, I have received 880 emails from readers of the series. My very first email was from a Samba core member and that same week, the creator of my favorite Unix utility emailed me. I've received emails from members of the community which I've since met at conferences or who email me periodically to catch up on how things are going. I've received lots of useful tips, other ways to accomplish tasks, and questions which make me wonder 'hmmm, how would I do that?'"

Dru said those familiar with the column may be curious as to how much has been changed and updated. Those new to FreeBSD or a Unix-like system in general may have specific tasks they'd like to accomplish.

"It's a big book with a lot of stuff in there -- I'll probably read it like O'Reilly's Unix Power Tools where sometimes I'm looking to remember how to do something in particular and sometimes I just feel like reading a section that seems interesting on that day," Dru said.

The Best of FreeBSD Basics can be purchased via or your favorite book store. The ISBN is 978-0-9790342-2-0. The book's foreword was written by Greg Lehey, a former member of FreeBSD's Core Team.

For more information about the book, please visit the publisher's website at


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September 16, 2013 11:24:35

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