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BSD a better OS than Linux?
(By Bob Sullivan, MSNBC)

FreeBSD vs. Linux
And a few other OS's, to boot!

FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows 2000
A chart comparing reliability, performance, security, filesystems, device drivers, commercial and free applications, development environment and infrastructure, support options, price, and total cost of ownership.

Hall of the BSD Daemons
The place where all good BSD daemon logos go to rest.

Microsoft Internet Explorer for FreeBSD Advocacy Site
Petition going to try to convince Microsoft to port Internet Explorer to FreeBSD.

Performance Comparison and Tuning of Free Operating Systems
A performance comparison of FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux 2.2/2.4 and Solaris 7 and 8. (Presented at LinuxTag in Stuttgart, Germany, on July 1, 2000.) It shares the basic details of the tests with graphed results. All the tests were performed on identical hardware; the same hardware was used for clients in the tests; and the the services were configured as identical as possible on all of the systems. The comparisons tested filesystem performance, NFS performance, webserver performance, database performance and scalability (parallel compiling).

What is Holding BSD Back? An Open Call for Help
Shares opinions on why BSD hasn't exploded like Linux and what we can do to help BSD. Says BSD needs commercial, BSD enterprise level support and a winning/killer combination "out of the box" solution.

Why BSD?
Xoom and FreeBSD.

Why I run FreeBSD
SunOS, Solaris, Linux? No, thanks! Rich Morin explains why FreeBSD is the superior OS for him.

Yahoo! and FreeBSD
(by David Filo, Co-Founder of Yahoo!)

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