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Adding POSIX.1E OS extensions to OpenBSD
Information and patches about filesystem-level ACLs and auditing subsystem. The patches are for OpenBSD.

An Advanced 4.4BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial
Introduces and discusses the overall models of the interprocess communication facilities included in 4.4BSD. (Examples written in C.)

The BSD Programmer's Documentation Project
Includes makefiles, compilation, source overview, kernel internals, device drivers, and a lot more.

BSD Sockets
Examples of client and servers using several protocols.

BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
A short tutorial that explains what sockets are, how they work, and gives sample code showing how to use them.

Berkeley Software Architecture Manual (4.4 Edition)
A concise and terse description of the system call interface provided in Berkeley Unix, as revised for 4.4BSD.

Dynamic Kernel Linker (KLD) Facility Programming Tutorial [Intro]
Introduces the basics of programming and developing a Dynamic Kernel Linker under the FreeBSD operating system with examples of character device and syscall KLD implementations.

FreeBSDSmp Kernel Work related to the BSDI/FreeBSD SMP Project
Information about FreeBSD SMP work.

Bootstrapping and a few speedy enhancements
An article about low-level bootstrap process and performance and optimization improvement with an illustrated, detailed description of the multi-stage booting, and empirical measurement and analysis in identifying bottlenecks (under NetBSD).

An Implementation of Scheduler Activations on the NetBSD Operating System
This paper presents the design and implementation of a two-level thread scheduling system on NetBSD. This system provides a foundation for efficient and flexible threads on both uniprocessor and multiprocessor machines. The work is based on the scheduler activations kernel interface proposed by Anderson et al. for user-level control of parallelism in the presence of multiprogramming and multiprocessing.

New Callout and Timer Facilities for NetBSD

Porting BSD UNIX to a New Platform
A guide for those who wish to port BSD to a new architecture, including writing device drivers. (by Lawrence Kesteloot)

UNIX Signals and Process Groups
A short survey of UNIX signal handling and process groups, both conceptually and with interface descriptions. Compares System V Release 3, System V Release 4, BSD, and POSIX variants.

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