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Authentication of user accounts on OpenBSD using LDAP via RADIUS
Notes on configuring OpenBSD to authenticate user accounts against an LDAP directory via the RADIUS protocol.

Configuring Your SoundBlaster in FreeBSD

Converting from Linux to FreeBSD
Converting Linux password files to FreeBSD and copying the users home directories.

Firewalling with OpenBSD's PF packet filter
A firewalling with PF tutorial. Mostly OpenBSD, some info on getting started with PF on FreeBSD too. Originally a UG meeting lecture manuscript.

FreeBSD Security How-To
Goes over some steps which may help increase overall security of your machine.

FreeBSD Splash Screens
How to display an image during the boot.

Instructions on using ADSL (from providers in Austria) with the pptp client package under FreeBSD. (In German)

Freebsd and Unix bits and bobs
This is just a collection of odds and ends that i have found worked for me over past couple of years.

Getting started with SSH
Provide information to setup a user new to ssh with the appropriate files necessary for accessing remote hosts in a secure manner.

HOWTO install ALTQ on FreeBSD
This howto helps install ALTQ under FreeBSD 4.3. (ALTQ can be used for bandwidth shaping and prioritizing.)

How to debug BSD kernel?

How to get the best results from FreeBSD questions
How to get better results from freebsd-questions mailing list.

How to run Oracle for Linux on FreeBSD
Information on preparing your FreeBSD system with a Linux environment, preparing for the Oracle install and installing Oracle.

How to setup a simple IPv6 host
Setting up a simple IPv6 host using OpenBSD 2.7beta as the base operating system and getting 6bone connectivity through the freenet6 project.

IP Filter Based Firewalls HOWTO
Using IP Filter to maximize the effectiveness of your firewall system.

Installing OpenBSD 2.7 on a GDT 6528RD RAID
Explains the steps for installing OpenBSD 2.7 on a GDT6528RD (by ICP vortex) based RAID system.

Integrating ATM Networking into BSD
Presents the design and implementation of BSD ATM, a light-weight and efficient ATM software layer for BSD-based operating systems that requires minimal changes to the operating system. BSD ATM can be used both for IP-based networking traffic and for ``native'' ATM traffic.

Jumpstart Guide for FreeBSD
A FreeBSD netboot HOWTO explaining how owners of cards supporting Intel's "Wired for Management" standard (netboot) can make a server to automate installs.

The Linux+FreeBSD mini-HOWTO
Describes how to use Linux and FreeBSD on the same system.

NetBSD PPTP Client HowTo
Gude on how to configure NetBSD as a client in PPTP networks (VPN's).

NetBSD PPTP Server Guide
Guide on how to configure NetBSD to act as a VPN server for PPTP Clients.

Network Address Translation for OpenBSD
A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring NAT.

OpenBSD Encrypted Virtual Filesystem Mini-HOWTO
This Mini-HOWTO covers how to create and use encrypted virtual filesystems on physically attached, local disks with OpenBSD.

OpenBSD on Macintosh (PPC)
Information, configurations and downloads for installing OpenBSD on a Macintosh PowerPC.

Steps on setting up ADSL using pptp under OpenBSD. (In German)

OpenBSD+ADSL - HOWTO for alcatel modems
Steps on using ADSL with pptp under OpenBSD.

PPPoE for OpenBSD
Quick instructions on installing, configuring and running PPPoE under OpenBSD.

Setting Up named and DNS Services under FreeBSD 3.3
Describes experiences with setting up named and DNS services for a network on a FreeBSD 3.3 server.

Setting up a DHCP client on FreeBSD

Setting up a selective relay Qmail server
Setting up a Qmail 1.03 mail server as a selective relay.

Setting up an OpenBSD router/firewall
Setting up NAT and firewalling under OpenBSD to build a router.

Setting-up the Console on a Serial Terminal
Step-by-step guide for using a serial connection (and terminal software) instead of internal keyboard and video under FreeBSD.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an OpenBSD PPPoE Gateway, with Firewall
Definitions, instructions, and examples of setting up a PPPoE gateway and with firewall under OpenBSD.

A Step-by-step Guide to Building an OpenBSD Gateway
A collection of notes on installing OpenBSD, including hardware, using fdisk and disklabel, configurations, setting up PPPoE, firewall, NAT and applying security patches.

Using a Unix computer as a 802.11 wireless base station
Configuring FreeBSD (and Linux) to act as a base station or a client for a 802.11 wireless network.

Writing a pseudo device
The document covers the writing of a simple pseudo-device driver and is meant to provide a guide to someone who wants to start writing kernel drivers.

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