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BSDA "Associate" sysadmin course to be taught in DFW Texas

Puget Sound Technology, an open source technical service provider, is teaching a BSD Unix system administration course, April 22 - 25, 2008, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The course will focus on the BSD Certification Group's BSDA (BSD "Associate") Certification exam objectives. It will cover standard Unix and Linux administration skills using the DragonFly, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD operating systems.

The BSDA covers over 100 objectives in seven knowledge domains: fundamental Unix skills; installing and upgrading the operating system and third-party software; basic system administration; files, file systems, and disks; network administration; users and accounts management; and security.

The training will cover ports and packaging systems, networking setup and troubleshooting, enabling and managing services, file system management, various security techniques and tools, and a lot more, said Jeremy C. Reed, a Puget Sound Technology consultant and NetBSD developer.

"We adjusted our BSD sysadmin curriculum to reflect the BSDA objectives which are based on the BSD Certification Group's Job Task Analysis," said Reed, who has taught 15 BSD administration classes.

The students will have hands-on experience with multiple operating system installations, said Reed. The course also covers startup scripts, cron, periodic tasks, inetd, syslogging, SSH, and more.

The course details are at Discounts are available for groups and early registration. Students will receive a copy of The BSD Associate Study Guide: The Beginning BSD Unix Administration Book and Dru Lavigne's book The Best of FreeBSD Basics. Puget Sound Technology will also donate money to the non-profit BSD Certification Group.

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology offers custom training, remote administration, and consulting services for a wide-variety of open source and Unix software. Over the past seven years, the company has taught around 60 workshops and classes. Puget Sound Technology's website is at


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